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Join us to present Theatre Uncut 2018 – the Power Plays

Live Theatre: Theatre Uncut

Join us at Live Theatre as it throws its doors open to present Live Theatre: Theatre Uncut 2018 – The Power Plays in just one action packed day on Sunday 17 June between 10.30am – 4pm.

Anyone wanting to participate, as an actor, director or in stage management, is invited to join Live Theatre’s Artistic Director, Joe Douglas, that morning to help present a selection of the plays in front of an audience in the afternoon. At 10.30am, we’ll have the scripts. At 3pm, they’ll be on stage. So come along, get involved, let’s make some theatre.

Theatre Uncut: The Power Plays have been written in response to the centenary of women’s right to vote and the #metoo movement. As a result, there will be more performance opportunities for women and some specific roles available for women of colour.

There'll be a selection of the plays below chosen to be performed on the day:

Safe by Niellah Arboine
A woman dealing with the online reaction when she asks for a safe space.

Woman – a woman of colour
Voice/s – these can be as few or many as you want from every gender and colour

Mortar by Sharon Clark
A student is asked for more than just rent by her landlord.

Man - landlord
Woman – student
This play could also have chorus


Nobody by Vivienne Franzmann
A school girl has an epiphany in assembly and starts to question everything.

Girl - of any background
Headmaster – male
Chorus – as little or as many as you wish from any age or background


The Power of Plumbing by Sabrina Mahfouz
In a future where resources are scarce it’s the women that hold the power.

This play can be performed by one woman, a group of women or a mixed gender group


A Coin In Someone Else’s Pocket by Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan
Reflections of a British Muslim woman who has been asked to write a play.

This can be performed by one British Muslim women, or a collection of women, or the audience, or a group of mixed gender and background


Who Runs the World by Atiha Sen Gupta
The Foreign Secretary has an experience he will never forget.


Email us if you have any questions about getting involved in presenting Theatre Uncut, or to let us know that you are planning to come.

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Joe Douglas, Live Theatre's Artistic Director talks about Theatre Uncut

Theatre Uncut was created to get people thinking, talking and taking action on the events that are happening in the world around them.  The idea is simple. Playwrights from a selection of countries are asked to write brand new short plays in response to their current political situation. These scripts are then made available for anyone to perform anywhere for a limited period.  Theatre Uncut is run by artistic directors Emma Callander and Hannah Price.

  • Arts Council England
  • Community Foundation
  • European Regional Development Fund
  • National Lottery Fund
  • National Lottery Fund
  • National Lottery Fund


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