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Red Ladder Theatre Company and Unite the Union present


Written by Boff Whalley, co-founder of the renowned band Chumbawamba

75 Mines. 3 Sisters. 1 Cause. (And a six-pack of Babycham)

A hard-hitting musical comedy about the ’84 Miners' Strike through the eyes of three sisters.

2024 is the fortieth anniversary of the 1984/85 miners’ strike, a dispute that still resonates today.  But the strike wasn’t just about pickets vs police – in this thought-provoking musical comedy, there are no miners and no cops. Instead, we follow the fortunes of three sisters in a pit village, hit hard by the Government’s war against the miners and determined to set up a branch of ‘Women Against Pit Closures’.

It’s early 1984, and Olive, Mary, and Isabel are sisters whose everyday squabbles collide with a strike that forces them to question their lives, their relationships, and their family ties.

This strike wasn’t just a war fought on the battlegrounds of a picket line, Parliament, and public opinion; it was as much a battle in the homes and families of those fighting for their communities.

We’re Not Going Back tackles the resilience of working communities, the make-and-mend fabric of family, and the power of sticking two fingers up to a government hell-bent on destruction… and all with humour, song and a six-pack of Babycham.

We're Not Going Back Trailer

We're Not Going Back

  • Arts Council England
  • Community Foundation
  • European Regional Development Fund


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