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Spoon Theory, written by Rebekah Bowsher

When it starts, you don't realise it’s started. In a flash of ink you are transformed. It happens that fast. Belle is newly married. Planning a honeymoon. A life. A future. She knows nothing of spoons.

And then she is hit by a car. And the spoons are dictating her life. The spoons tell her what she can do, and what she can't. But, how can she put her life back together when her spoons keep disappearing?

Rat Boy, written by Christina Dawson & Lee Mattinson

When a thirteen year old lad goes AWOL in the rat run of Byker Wall, Gash and Jam are the only ones with any hope of finding him. Each and every breadcrumb's laced with synthetic freedom. Because it's 1995 and, even if Rat Boy's mates had mobiles, they'd be as big as the bricks their Byker is built upon.

Rat Boy explores and celebrates a North East community combining a strong narrative, a physical language and a banging 90s rave sound track!

‘What a flipping brilliant night of theatre.’

Audience Feedback 2017
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Spoon Theory & Rat Boy

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