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Created by Troupe, written by Kevin Dyer

A play about love, friendship and prawn-flavoured crisps…

It’s your birthday. And you get big news. Very big news. In fact, the biggest news that you could possibly get. But it will be OK because you’ve got a great family and the best of mates who always stick by you.

Except… for Charlie, tonight of all nights, her mum is being worse than useless, and Chantelle, one of the girls in the gang, is seriously on the warpath.

Hold Me Tight is a funny, brand-new play that tells us that life is OK, even when some people are total let-downs. It is a story of hope, support and the most precious of kisses. 

Troupe is Curious Monkey’s group for young people aged 14-21 with experience of the care system, which offers unique opportunities to get involved in theatre by seeing shows and shadowing professionals. 

Director: Poppy Crawshaw
Assistant Director & Intimacy Coordinator: Lucy Curry
Animator: Lily Kroese
Sound Designer: Calum Howard
AV & Lighting Support: Simon Cole
Costume Designer: Lou Duffy
Production Manager: Chris Tindall
with Eleanor Grainger and Maya Torres

Troupe volunteers: Jack Mackel, Alanis Miller, Lucy Skidmore

The play will be followed by a short Q&A chaired by Amy Golding (AD of Curious Monkey) with Poppy Crawshaw (the director), Lucy Curry (Assistant Director) and two members of Troupe.

Hold Me Tight

  • Arts Council England
  • Community Foundation
  • European Regional Development Fund


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