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Mbolo - Fringe Preview

Most people go to Africa to do charity work, to find themselves and get some purpose and meaning in their lives. To give a bit back, get some perspective and ease some middle class guilt, ashamed of their western colonial imperialist ancestry. 

Fifteen years ago Hal went for all these reasons but also to try and stop smoking weed and get over a self-induced nervous breakdown. Instead he came back having built a quarter of a school, learned the Ugandan words for both sets of genitals, got himself arrested for smoking weed on a beach in Zanzibar, bribed some Tanzanian undercover police and having had his rather nice leather sandals ripped to shreds after being attacked by a cheetah.

Come along and hear the whole sorry tale in it’s entirety.


Please note: our bar takes cash payments only.

"Effortlessly watchable"


Hal Branson

  • Arts Council England
  • Community Foundation
  • European Regional Development Fund
  • National Lottery Fund
  • National Lottery Fund
  • National Lottery Fund


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