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Caroline Spence may not look like one of the road-hardened troubadours of America's past but, with the release of Spades & Roses, the young songwriter from Charlottesville, Virginia proves she is every bit as serious.

Having won numerous songwriting awards from industry mainstays like the Kerrville Folk Festival and American Songwriter Magazine, and garnered nods and admiration from both Miranda Lambert and her fellow writers in the Nashville underground, Caroline has delivered a record to meet the expectation. Fans of Kathleen Edwards will no doubt find a lot to like about Caroline too.

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"Caroline writes from the heart of it… Sings from the guts of it. We zeroed in and peeled back the all dressings and ended up with a record that feels just as honest. Every song feels lived in and true."

Neilson Hubbard (Producer)
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Caroline Spence (USA)

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