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Writer, gobsure on his 10 Minutes To...Call Home short play

proud to be part of the Museum of Homelessness family after being on their catalyst project (everyone with lived experience of homelessness meant no-one had to explain theirselves). this monologue from lived experience. while there are many forms of homelessness, theres one common image and it doesn't work - we need to get rid of that image, think about all forms of homelessness and how to make change. years back we were fortunate to meet Augusto Boal thanks to Cardboard Citizens (homeless / ex-homeless theatre company) and we learnt much about theatre for change. cant start revolutions sitting on yr arse is intended as passionate, poetic, political speech (think Mhairi Black, Srecko Horvat, Elif Shafak, Angela Davis, Fugazi for e.g.) about 'reframing the narrative'. George Lakoff wrote a book that energised Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign. the books called dont think of an elephant. now yr now thinking of elephants. its a simple fact of language and psychology and how we all get educated that whoever 'owns' the narrative wins the argument. push back against it and yu lose. to beat oppression, stick to yr values, reframe the argument yr way, give voice. housing is a human right. we signed united nations declaration of human rights in 1947 right after total war - article 25 alone affirming everyone has a right to housing, alongside food, clothing, medical care and social services. housing as a human right is a simple reframing - keep thinking and voicing this so it is heard then others mirror neurones fire up, folks fully empathise, change can happen. coming up thru disability arts, its great our team can present this piece bilingually with BSL (british sign language) and spoken northern-english. were proud of this truth-fuelled writing - revolutions don't start by sitting on arses, so thanks live theatre for getting it produced / distributed / seen

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  • Arts Council England
  • Community Foundation
  • European Regional Development Fund


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