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Kate Barton Guest Blogger Reviews The Terminal Velocity Of Snowflakes

It’s been a whole day since I left the theatre, but I’m still reeling from last night’s production of The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes. With stunning visuals, engaging characters and a heartbreaking script, this show packs a powerful punch! The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes undoubtedly takes the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions, thought provoking and extremely touching – they was not a dry eye in the theatre by the encore bow.

Nina Berry’s script was a triumph; poetic yet accessible, scientific yet extremely human. Berry touches the varying shades of humanity, from childhood euphoria to life’s darkest and most unexpected turns. Charting Charlie and Rosie’s relationship, the script follows everything that was, is and could be between the pair and the countless possibilities in-between. Berry’s script was matched by fantastic direction from Graeme Thompson which furthered the lyrical script, maintaining great pace and rhythm. Every detail carefully crafted down to the most subtle movement of each character. Movement on stage was stunning, almost mimicking that of a snowflake, with moments of still and peace followed by sudden rushes of energy. The production’s design and projections creates wonderful texture on the stage giving the upstairs studio an intimate feel.

The powerful show is delivered by two magnificent actors. Both Heather Carroll and Daniel Watson shine in their roles of Rosie and Charlie by being extremely relatable, but above all – likeable! The actors are completed in tune with each other, working seamlessly and delivering a powerful performance with raw emotion. There was undeniable chemistry between the two and as I left the theatre, I truly felt like I knew both characters as people having seen such a spectrum of emotion and history played out in front of me. By the end, my heart was in my mouth because I was made to care so much about Charlie and Rosie.

I certainly have plenty of facts about snowflakes I can now tell my friends and most importantly I will be letting them know just how phenomenal this show is and urge them to see it!

Kate Barton
Guest Blogger November 2017

The Terminal Velocity Of Snowflakes runs until Saturday 16 December 2017, Buy tickets and find out more here

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