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Boogie On Up with Bonnie and The Bonnettes

Bonnie and The Bonnettes in association with Live Theatre present BOOGIE ON UP, a new 8 part series of foot-stomping, pant-wetting, glitter-throwing drag performances. The trio have been bringing all-lip-syncing, all-dancing, raucous numbers to audiences nationwide since 2016 and now they are going digital, coming to a screen near you! Get ready to shake your tail feathers, stomp your feet, and shimmy the days away, because Bonnie and The Bonnettes are BACK!

They can sit still no longer. They are ready to bring the party straight to your living room, bedroom, at-home office, or wherever you may be! Made to be enjoyed with your morning bowl of cereal or on your lunch break, or as you stare out the window and question when will this end!

Prepare yourselves for the time of your life as Bonnie and The Bonnettes are here to shake away those lockdown blues with a good old boogie on up!

The episodes will be go live on this page on the afternoons of Sunday 14 March, Friday 26 March, Wednesday 14 April, Monday 26 April, Friday 14 May, Wednesday 26 May, Monday 14 June and Saturday 26 June 2021.

Get ready to shake your tail feathers, stomp your feet and shimmy away!

All episodes are FREE and approximately three minutes long.

BOOGIE ON UP - Pageant

BOOGIE ON UP - I Drove All Night

BOOGIE ON UP - Physical

BOOGIE ON UP - Candyman

BOOGIE ON UP - You Raise Me Up

BOOGIE ON UP - Pour Some Sugar On Me

BOOGIE ON UP - I Need A Hero

  • Arts Council England
  • Community Foundation
  • European Regional Development Fund


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