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Live Writes

“A North East that writes its own story and fights for a more creative future” - Live Theatre vision

Live Writes is Live Theatre’s brand new series of new writing showcase and development events spread throughout the year with Open Calls for North East based Writers, Directors and Actors. A whole host of opportunities for Theatre creatives of all experiences to flourish in a safe and supportive space of feedback, networking and championing of the amazing artists of our region.

Each Live Writes event will see four writers have their work directed by four directors and performed by a group of actors - all of whom will be selected from our open windows for writing submissions, director applications and actor auditions. Not only that, we will be opening all of these opportunity windows to North East creatives four times a year.

All rehearsals, tech and performances are happening over one wild day and this is a chance to see the next up and coming writers and performers in one evening, with four 10 minute showcases for just £6!

We can’t wait to see your creativity hit our stage!



by Bethany Mullen 

Sophie has stolen a baby. She doesn’t even want a baby but she knows that this baby deserves a good life and a good mother that doesn’t chain smoke tabs and drink voddy-cokes. So Sophie steals Clementine away to provide her idealization of caregiving, that she herself consistently falls short of. A comedy and a love letter to all those grieving deaths so painful they upend our worlds. Clementine is an exploration of infant death, working class on working class judgement and the strange things that grief makes us do. 


The Interview 

by Tilottama Chowdhury 

Amir attends a job interview. The issue? The interviewer is his ex-wife. As the interview progresses and the seat of power shifts back and forth, they delve into the reasons and circumstances behind their divorce. The play explores both comedic and tragic elements behind a failed marriage. 


Last Shot 

by Sam Honour 

It's Gateshead. It's the zombie apocalypse. And Dina and Jen find themselves in a tight spot. The undead are clamouring at the door, desperate to use their brains as a buffet and they have no way out. They don't have long to make the most difficult decision of their lives. All because of a Kinder Surprise.  


The Games We Play  

by Keiron Stanners 

Alone in an unfamiliar place and without a job, Nathan worries about what to do with himself and his life, until he receives a call from his old school friend - Omar. Sometimes a hard reset, a fist full of dice and tabletop roleplay games is all you need to discover your crowd and find yourself again.  

The Games We Play is a story about the connections we yearn for in life and finding hope when we need it most.  

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Live Writes

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