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We currently have no vacancies at Live Theatre.

The Listening Project

Since 2012 The Listening Project has been collecting intimate conversations between friends or relatives, to build a unique picture of our lives today. With a collection numbering over a thousand so far, with most broadcast across BBC radio, all recorded The Listening Project conversations are archived by the British Library, preserving them for future generations.

In its first visit to the North East The Listening Project will visit Live Garden, Live Theatre’s new outdoor space between Tuesday 9 to Saturday 13 August.

We are looking for people to come along for a chat. What you talk about is completely up to you. This project is about creating space for you and a loved one to have the conversation you always meant to have.

BBC Radio 4 and Live Theatre are looking for pairs of people who are close friends or family who are interested in being recorded having a conversation that may eventually end up being broadcast on BBC Radio 4. There’s no age limit, and we welcome intergenerational conversations and people from all backgrounds with interesting stories for interesting conversations.

For more information and to book a conversation slot please contact Steve Drayton at steve.drayton@bbc.co.uk or ask for a leaflet at Live Theatre’s box office.

Visit http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01cqx3b for more info and to hear some of the wonderful conversations we’ve already recorded. 

Fun Palaces

Calling all makers and creators! Artists and scientists! Live Theatre is holding its first Fun Palace on Saturday 1 October 2016 and we’d like you to help us shape it. If you’d like to be a part or just want to find out a bit more please get in touch. Our Fun Palace will take place in Live Garden, a new public garden and outdoor performance space and Live Tales, our young writers centre.

We welcome involvement and engagement from people keen to make a difference. Fun Palaces is not just about the weekend, it is about coming together to create, celebrating local people, local places and community in the everyday.

Find out more about Fun Palaces.

For more information on getting involved with Live Theatre's Fun Palaces email degna@live.org.uk