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We do not currently have any vacancies at Live Theatre. Details of any future opportunities will be added to this page.




Writers Opportunities 

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10 Minutes to... Light the Fuse

In an adrenalin-fuelled weekend five playwrights and directors will create 10 minute plays responding to the theme Light the Fuse.


Writers are invited to submit 10 minute plays to our Literary Team that respond to the theme Light the Fuse. Out of the submissions received, five plays will be selected for inclusion in the November edition of 10 Minutes to... which takes place on Sunday 1 November at 8pm in our Main Theatre. 

The chosen writers will be matched with five directors. Writers and directors will then work together to complete the piece, cast it and be ready for an intensive rehearsal weekend on Saturday 31 October and Sunday 1 November.

Submission guidelines

• Plays must be no longer than 10 minutes 
• No more than 4 characters 
• Be able to be performed with minimal staging and technical support

The deadline for submissions is Monday 21 September at 10am.

Email your 10 Minutes to... submissions to our Creative Producer Graeme Thompson: graeme@live.org.uk