Wednesday 17 September to Wednesday 19 November

Live Writers Group

Live Writers Group is aimed at budding writers who are passionate about theatre and supports you through the process of writing a one-act play. ...


Friday 5 September

MIXTAPE: Boy Bands Vs Girl Bands

Grab your Union Jack dress and don your 90s puffa jacket. Get your pop star attitude on and join Mixtape for a high-octane ride down Smash Hits memory lane ...


Wednesday 17 September to Saturday 11 October

Wet House

One of the Guardian’s Top 10 Plays of 2013, Wet House makes a triumphant return to Live Theatre starring many of the original cast. ...


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How Did I Get To This Point Really useful if info like this gets made public by including the VENUE in the publicity, but being specific. I got this through FB and had no idea where 'STUDIO THEATRE' is. I'm in Doncaster, for example, and the Studio Theatre nearest to me is at the CRUCIBLE. It has been very frustrating to...

Jerome 5 days ago

Sheesham & Lotus & Son (Canada) + Gypsy Dave Smith (Australia)

Love these guys - their first album was tremendous and I have just got their new album in the post - even more tremendous! Lots of airplay on The Blues Show on BishopFM!

Gary Grainger one week ago

How Did I Get To This Point

YES! Saw this show at first in three, chuffed to see you guys performing a longer version at live!

Gary last month

Live Screenplays: For the End of Time

The Live Screenplays are a great idea. I loved this: the quality of the writing and the readings meant I was immersed in visualising the action from the start. Best evening I've had in ages. Thanks.

Lyn last month

Wet House (2014)

The best play I have seen in a long time and will see again. Raw, gritty and frighteningly true to life. An eye opener for the uninitiated and those who don't see much of the darker side of life. An excellent storyline with totally believable characters.

BIGJOE 2 months ago