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Live Tales Story Writing Workshops For Key Stage 2 Classes @ The Fire Station, Sunderland

Entering the world of Live Tales allows teachers and children to explore creative writing through a mixture of drama and writing activities. Your class will collaborate to create a completely original story and each child continues the story individually, receiving an illustrated storybook to complete at school.

Children's imaginations start whizzing with wonderful ideas and even reluctant young writers embrace their creativity and craft a fantastic story.

 A free resource pack, sent to teachers in advance, offers ideas for activities before and after a visit to Live Tales. Sessions take place in the Live Tales Studio within The Fire Station in the centre of Sunderland, just across the road from the Bridges shopping centre (next door to the Empire Theatre). Built in 1907, the fire station reopened in 2017 as a music and arts hub.

"The best day ever!"

Year 4 pupil

Live Tales - teachers and pupils

"It's a really useful experience for them to write as a whole class and then go off to create their own individual stories, making them become the real author."

Year 4 teacher

Teacher's resource pack for Live Tales @ Sunderland

Teacher's Information pack for KS2 Workshops
Live Tales KS2 Booking Verification Form
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Live Tales Workshops for KS2 @ Sunderland

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