An Evening with Nashville songwriter Will Hoge

Presented by Jumpin’ Hot Club in association with Live Theatre

Will Hoge explores deeper into both his country and rock & roll roots. Never fitting particularly neatly into a genre box, he's always just made the music that moved him – but he feels more kinship with country, particularly as a storyteller.

"Took a whole lot of miles to know what I know now," sings Will Hoge on 'Growing Up Around Here', the opening track of his new tenth studio album, 'Small Town Dreams'. "I'm kinda proud of growing up around here." It's been a whole lot of miles, indeed: miles on the road, driving the bus himself from venue to venue since the late nineties; miles to and from Nashville writing rooms, where he's spent countless hours penning songs – some for him, some for others; miles exploring lands outside of his native Franklin, Tennessee, chasing the spirits of his musical heroes. Roads meet, roads split, roads led to home.

Hoge is an extremely prolific songwriter with countless songs written for others, including a co-written No.1 country hit for Eli Young Band's 'Even If It Breaks Your Heart'.