Friends of Live Theatre


Join a community of like-minded individuals

When you join the Friends you are joining a community of like-minded individuals who are playing a vital role in supporting Live Theatre's work changing lives and building communities.

Friends benefit from advance information, special offers and exclusive opportunities to meet writers, actors and members of the creative team in return for an annual contribution to Live Theatre.

For more information and to request a gift form please contact Lizzy Skingley, Development Manager, on lizzy@live.org.uk or 0191 269 3499

Thank you to all of our current Friends of Live Theatre who are currently helping us make an impact on stage and in the community.

Good Friends

Rosemary and Brian Allen, Joyce Anderson, Anthony Atkinson, Sally Brown, John Charlton, Ron Cook, Roger Crowther, Ruth Evans, Cathy Franklin, Ann Gittins, Melanie Hill, Philip Hooker, Fiona Hymers, Eileen Jones, Gloria Juniper, Nigel Kirkham, John Mason, Karen Percy, Michelle Percy, Tony Pryke, Catherine Ross, John Stokel-Walker, June Svenson, John Tomaney, David Walker, Angie Walton, Barbara Williams, Rob Williamson, Sue Wilson, Judith Wood-Archer, Steve Wootten.

Best Friends

Noreen Bates, Jim Beirne, Michael and Pat Brown, Paul Callaghan, George Caulkin, Michael and Susan Chaplin, Sue and Simon Clugston, Helen Coyne, Chris Foy, Robson Green, Lee Hall, John Jordan, John Josephs, Annette Marlowe, Madelaine Newton, Elaine Orrick, Ian and Christine Shepherdson, Margaret and John Shipley, Shelagh Stephenson, Sting, Peter Straughan, Alan Tailford, Graeme and Aly Thompson, Paul and Julie Tomlinson, Nick and Melanie Tulip, Alison Walton, Kevin Whately, Lucy Winskell.

Thank you to all of our Good and Best Friends who choose to remain anonymous.