Apply for a www.beaplaywright.com Bursary

Ever had an idea for a play but weren’t sure how to develop it? 

Live Theatre’s unique online course www.beaplaywright.com offers a straightforward guide to the craft of playwriting. Students learn from leading theatre practitioners by working through step-by-step modules, each covering different aspects of playwriting and can watch exclusive videos of award-winning writers including Lee Hall (The Pitmen Painters, Billy Elliot) and Alan Plater (Close the Coalhouse Door). The course can be taken at the student’s own pace and from anywhere in the world.

Live Theatre are offering one interactive and one solo bursary place for students who could not normally afford the course.

Apply by sending a one page extract or overview of your play and a short covering letter on why you would like to do the course and how you would benefit from a bursary place to beaplaywright@live.org.uk

Deadline: Monday 1 September 2014

Successful applications will be notified by Monday 15 September 2014

About beaplaywright.com

Since 2002 Live Theatre has facilitated an in-house writing course called An Introduction to Playwriting. This bi-annual course has proved popular with people looking for help with playwriting, writers who are exploring this medium for the first time and people who just want to know more about what goes into creating a play.

In an endeavour to make this course more accessible Live Theatre has created an online version which offers a distance learning approach to the art of playwriting. www.beaplaywright.com launched in November 2010 and now has an active online community of budding playwrights all learning the craft of playwriting.

Facilitated by a theatre with a proven track record in nurturing and supporting writing talent, the www.beaplaywright.com online course consists of five modules which allow students to progress at a speed that suits them.  Each module tackles an aspect of playwriting through text, video and audio tutorials and filmed excerpts of material including interviews with award-winning writers such as Lee Hall (The Pitmen Painters) and Alan Plater.

The philosophy of the course is not to provide a ‘how-to’ of playwriting, rather a stimulating environment where students are asked to think about their art and craft in a more intense way, to help writers find their own voice.

'Thanks to all at beaplaywright.com and Live Theatre for their excellent guidance, insightful comments and expert support. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone looking for a boost to their all round creative and theatrical writing skills.'  Nicola Owen, Be A Playwright Student (completed the course in October 2011).

Find out more about Nicola's www.beaplaywright.com experience on our blog.