Michael Chaplin - The Writer

Michael Chaplin has written extensively for television, radio and Live Theatre after a first career as a journalist and television producer. He began his 26-year association with Live Theatre peering over the shoulder of his collaborator Alan Plater as together they adapted the stories of Michael's father Sid Chaplin for In Blackberry Time in 1987.

In all he has created eight full-length and half a dozen short plays for the company, most recently Chris Mullin's diaries for the critically acclaimed A Walk On Part in 2011-12. Since returning to live in his native Newcastle in 2006 Michael has written two books about local icons, both published by New Writing North: Come And See: The Beguiling Story of the Tyneside Cinema, and Tyne View, produced during his period as writer-in-residence for the Port of Tyne, and the source book for this show.